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5" x 2" Red Polyurethane on Iron Swivel Caster

5" x 2" Red Polyurethane on Iron Swivel Caster

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Medium Duty 5"x2" Red Polyurethane on Iron Wheel Swivel Caster

Discover the robust 5-inch by 2-inch swivel caster wheel from Caster HQ, engineered for medium-duty applications with a notable 500 lbs capacity. This wheel features a red polyurethane tread, seamlessly bonded to a silver iron core, ensuring quiet, smooth navigation and protection for a variety of floor types.

Technical Specifications:

Wheel Diameter 5 inches
Tread Width 2 inches
Tread Face Flat
Durometer 65D ± 5
Hub Length 2-7/16 inches
Maximum Capacity 500 lbs each
Wheel Bearing Roller Bearings or Precision Sealed Ball Bearings
Spanner 1/2 inch
Axle Diameter 1/2 inch
Color RED Polyurethane Tread on SILVER Core

Key Features:

  • Optimal Load Capacity: Each caster can support up to 500 lbs, ideal for medium-duty use.
  • Floor-Friendly Polyurethane: The red polyurethane tread offers silent operation and floor protection.
  • Multi-Environment Suitability: Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, with rust-resistant alternatives available.
  • Choice of Bearings: Equipped with either roller bearings or precision sealed ball bearings for smooth movement.

Caster Fork Features:

  • Flexible Tread Widths: Wheels available with 1-1/2” and 2” tread widths.
  • Wide Selection: A broad array of wheels, bearings, and brake options.
  • Total Lock Functionality: Matching total-locking casters available in DT and FT series.
  • Zinc Coating: Bright zinc finish for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • NSF Certified: Majority of this series and wheel types are NSF listed for quality assurance.

Wheel Features:

  • Durable Polyolefin Wheels: Solid, impact and abrasion-resistant construction.
  • Lightweight Yet Robust: Economical and capable of supporting high weight capacities.
  • Resistant to Various Conditions: 100% washable, resistant to water, solvents, and most chemicals.
  • Non-Marking Design: Available in white and black non-marking options.
  • Broad Temperature Range: Effective from 40° F to 180° F.
  • Hardness Level: Durometer rating of 70 Shore D (±5).

Product Code: HQ2050S-PL1-PIR-RED

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