Collection: Phenolic Casters & Sets

Phenolic Casters & Sets for Heavy-Duty Applications

Experience the unmatched durability and efficiency of our Phenolic Caster Wheels. Perfectly engineered for smooth concrete floors, these wheels are ideal for handling heavy storage loads without causing permanent compression. Crafted using a mix of phenolic resin and macerated canvas under high temperature and pressure, these caster wheels are a testament to strength and longevity.

Key Benefits:

  • High-Impact Resistance: Designed for years of reliable service in demanding environments.
  • Smooth Operation: Hard tread allows for easy rolling, good floor protection, and quieter movement compared to steel wheels.
  • Chemical Resilience: Highly resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, and mild acids, making them suitable for various industrial applications.
  • Cost-Effective Durability: Offers the strength similar to Gray Iron Wheel Casters, but at a more economical price point.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Effective performance in a wide temperature range from -50° F to 250° F.

Technical Specifications:

Material Composition Phenolic resin with macerated canvas
Durometer 90 Shore D (±/-5)
Temperature Range -50° F to 250° F
Zerk Fitting Available upon request

Compatible Replacement for Various Brands:

Our Toolbox Wheels & Casters are ideal replacements for a wide range of brands, including:

  • Fastenal Casters
  • McMaster Carr Casters
  • Uline Casters
  • Global Industrial Casters
  • Durable Casters
  • Albion Casters
  • Trio Pines Casters
  • Colson Casters
  • Dura Star Casters
  • And more...

Usage Recommendations:

These caster wheels are best suited for environments such as warehouses, garages, retail stores, and other areas with clean, dry floors. While they offer high weight capacity and do not damage concrete floors, they are not recommended for uneven surfaces or areas with potential water exposure. Caution is advised when using on custom wood floors to avoid indentations.

For a reliable, heavy-duty caster solution that balances performance with budget, choose CasterHQ's Phenolic Wheel Casters. Perfect for various industrial and commercial settings, they ensure longevity and efficiency.